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Hitting the ground running!

By Kyran O'Niell on Wed 20 February 2019

I believe that if you want something enough, there is always a way to achieve it.

It’s essential that when you’re trying to pick a job, you choose one that you’ll genuinely enjoy and can dedicate yourself to. Something that stimulates you, keeps you learning, and constantly pushes you to be better. A job that encourages you to work harder and achieve more, is the kind of job you want.

I chose to apply for placements and put time and effort into my applications because I believed that the experience it would give me, would be priceless after graduation. However, one thing I didn’t consider is how much I would learn through the application and interviewing process. I now feel more comfortable going into face to face or telephone interviews, and I’m more confident in my answers to questions and knowing the expectations of the interviewer.  

Finding a Balance!

Juggling everything is not easy, and for me it was no exception. As well as applying for placements and doing my course, I worked two part time jobs and at home I had a new born baby girl to care for. This gave me very little free time, so it was important to make the most of any spare minutes I had! Therefore, I put a lot of effort into each application, in a quality over quantity method!

I was rejected more times than I could count, and although this is disheartening and can feel very disappointing, each time I came away with a way to improve. Whether this was due to knowing that my answer to a question was poor, or my knowledge about a part of their business was not as deep as it should’ve been, I managed to learn and finesse my answers through the experiences… This helped me in securing my placement with ProspectSoft! I was far more confident, I did my research and made sure that I was ready to answer any difficult questions thrown at me.

The Learning Continues…

But now, over half way through my placement, I’m still learning so much and feel more and more comfortable in my role every day! From the very first moment I’ve felt welcomed by the team. Despite being a placement, I’ve been trusted to perform highly skilled tasks and operations, things that would be given to any other, long term member of the team. They really do give you so much responsibility and ultimately, there isn’t a better way to learn.

Not only has my technical ability grown, but my confidence, teamworking and customer-facing skills have developed. I’ve always enjoyed investigating, solving and fixing problems, and being able to do this whilst helping customers is a bonus!

I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial my time at ProspectSoft has been so far. It has allowed me to apply concepts and ideas I studied during my time at University, but also broadened my view and taught me new ways of tackling problems and challenges.

My Amazing Team

The skills and abilities of the Customer Success and Service Desk teams are so diverse. I always feel that I’ve got backup and support, should I face an issue that I’m unable to deal with. The team are always very supportive in both helping me to solve the issue and teaching me exactly how to go about it, the next time around.

During my time at ProspectSoft, my colleagues have always shown the utmost professionalism and dedication. Extremely devoted to their roles, they work super hard to do as much as they can to achieve the best outcome for the customer. There is a fun, relaxed atmosphere which allows everyone to work to the best of their ability, but to also have a laugh – something that really helps in what can sometimes be a slightly stressful role!

I have been taught so much and still have plenty to learn in my remaining time at ProspectSoft, and I know that by the time I leave I will be a stronger, smarter and more confident person - both in my technical and personal ability!

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