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The Marketing Team Attend the Technology For Marketing Event, 2019!

By Chloe Baybutt on Mon 30 September 2019 in Placement Blog

Take a look into our recent trip to the Technology For Marketing Event, 2019 and the things we got up to during an informative and fun day! 

Hi there, I’m Chloe the new Marketing Assistant here at ProspectSoft!

We recently embarked on our first departmental adventure to the Technology for Marketing (TFM) event, at the Olympia in London! TFM is an event that is popular amongst all the Marketing geeks throughout the UK. It’s a great chance to network but also to listen to some fascinating speeches. We had a great day hearing from lots of industry experts all about “What’s New” in the Marketing world. 

We started our day by heading over to the Customer & Personalisation Theatre, where we listened to a panel discussion about New Waves of Technology Innovation and Customer Engagement. The panel was made of up of several industry experts including, Tara Lynch from River Island, Neil Kuschel from Global-e, Dominique Bonnafoux from FITCH and Louisa Nicholls from John Lewis & Partners. It was both interesting and insightful to understand how technology innovation is affecting their industries and also the new innovations they are looking at implementing in the near future. A common theme amongst the panel was the current research and development into AR and VR solutions, which was very exciting to hear about!

The rest of the morning consisted of talks about GDPR and CRM, which are very relevant topics for ProspectSoft. After our enjoyable morning session, we decided it was time for a delicious Pizza Express!  

After lunch, we attended the MadTech and Data Driven Insights Theatre, where we listened to a talk from a company called Zenloop, all about Customer Retention and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Again, this was an extremely relevant topic, as ProspectSoft uses NPS as a metric to measure customer experience. It was a great way to learn new techniques about how to use the NPS effectively, such as dividing up the ratings for customer experience to further identify areas for improvements. 

The final talk of the day (my personal favourite!) took place in the Customer Experience and Engagement Theatre, where the topic was all about How Brands use Purposeful Content to Engage Consumers. As I have recently got involved with the Marketing for ProspectSoft’s consultancy division Zing, this was very interesting for me and gave me some insight in how content needs to be aligned with the whole brand image of the company. This was another panel discussion talk, with many Marketing experts across a variety of industries, such as Simon Shelley from BBC, Josephine Parmee from TCO London and Ryan Battles from Dialogue. In particular, they discussed how powerful purposeful content can be and how important it is for brands to execute the right messages when promoting and advertising. 

Overall, the day was a great success and I would highly recommend for any Marketing Geeks out there to attend next year! Thankyou ProspectSoft for giving me an opportunity to attend!

I look forward to attending more Marketing events throughout the year with my fabulous fellow Marketing buddy Abi and our super Manager Jess! 

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