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5 Reasons Why you Should do a Placement in Sales

By Will Butler on Mon 28 March 2022 in Placement Blog

Whether it be the real sense of responsibility or the opportunity to grow your confidence in a professional environment, have a read of Will's top 5 reasons why you should do a Placement in Sales!

Since starting my placement in August 2021 in the New Business Sales team at ProspectSoft, I’ve already had a great insight into the world of business and been given the opportunity to make a real impact. My role is all about providing customers with the ideal solution to their problems and demonstrating how beneficial Prospect CRM could be to their SME product business.  
Each day on placement, I get to witness the real impact and excitement from customers who’ve trialled our CRM and help them get the best experience pre-subscribing. So, why should consider a placement in New Business Sales? Here are just my top 5 reasons based on my incredible experience so far! 

1. Responsibility 

As a placement student, being given the opportunity to have my own pipeline of customers is not something I took lightly. Beginning with lead generation (which would then be fed through marketing campaigns or through telemarketing activities) all the way to them becoming fully onboarded customers reaping the full benefits of Prospect CRM. Leading the customers through this process is highly rewarding and has greatly improved my communication skills. 

2. Being part of a team 

Most, if not all, Sales teams have a clearly defined target for each month, quarter, and year, with ProspectSoft being no exception! Each month, based on analytics and the current market situation, the Sales team have a clear consensus of what we’re working towards each month and how this can be achieved. As a close-knit team, we support and motivate each other to maximise our performance and reach (or better yet, exceed) the targets! The warm and welcoming atmosphere here meant that even from the start, I was welcomed in as a fully-fledged and productive member of the Sales team. 

3. Personal development 

In this role you’re exposed to so many different environments. From software demonstrations to 1-on-1 calls with prospective customers – there’s never a dull moment and you really do get to experience all aspects of a business! My ability to communicate with customers has grown so much throughout my time at ProspectSoft, as well as my competence in completing tasks independently. Of course, asking questions where necessary has helped me improve massively too. 

4. Confidence 

Being exposed to a range of scenarios on the spot has certainly kept me on my toes! As you can imagine, my confidence has skyrocketed, leading to personal growth and the drive to take on challenges. At ProspectSoft, you’re given responsibilities from the very outset. From initially conducting telemarketing to building my personal sales pipeline to even eventually having my own leads, there are so many opportunities for growth if you’re willing to take them on! 

5. Time management  

Part of my role as a New Business Sales Assistant has involved attending meetings, whether that be daily sales catch ups, monthly progress updates, or companywide meetings. Regardless of the occasion, managing your time is essential. Much of what I do is pre-arranged meetings and demos with prospective customers, therefore being punctual is crucial. It’s fair to say from this experience that my time management is the best it’s ever been through effective planning and frequently reviewing my schedule. 
These 5 points are only touching the surface on the incredible opportunities you get as a New Business Sales placement at ProspectSoft to grow both academically and personally. My advice? If you’re on the fence for whether to do a placement, just go for it – I can say first hand it’s a truly brilliant experience!  

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