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The Road to Becoming a Technical Services Pro

By Abigail Whitwham on Tue 19 April 2022 in Placement Blog

Abby, our brilliant Technical Services Placement, recalls her journey to becoming a Pro and some of the top tips she picked up along the way.

Already from the 9 months I have been on placement at ProspectSoft, the skills and experience I’ve gained has set me on route to becoming a Technical Services pro. I can honestly say I learn something new every single day, whether it be from interacting with customers on the phone or learning from senior members of staff. The varied nature of the role means you never stop learning, which I know to also be true for all member of the team, whether managers or placements. The environment of learning and encouragement has created an open, productive team ethos that encourages questions, so any queries are quickly resolved, and I am confident with trying out new tasks.

Advise about a placement in the sector

When posed with the question ‘what advice you would give to someone starting in the Technical Services role', my first answer would always be don’t be afraid to ask questions. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first as often your line manager has a busy schedule, however due to the level of responsibility placed with solving customer queries, the alternative is much worst and could result in them having to spend more time undoing your mistakes. By asking questions and learning about all aspects of the role, you are going to develop much faster and independently be able to solve customer queries.

Another piece of advice I would give to someone starting this role is take on as many new opportunities as you can and put yourself forward for challenges. By doing this, you are going to set yourself up to get the absolute most out of your placement. Stepping away from what is comfortable is initially a bit challenging, but this is the best way to learn. Keeping a positive attitude at all times and pushing through your comfort zone is where the growth truly comes in this role.

Your favourite thing about the job

My favourite part about the role is being able to reflect on the progress I have made in the past 9 months. Looking back to the beginning where I struggled with answering simple queries to now where I can confidently speak to a wide range of customers and solve their problems every day. With now having greater knowledge of the role, I know the correct questions to ask going forward in each situation. As a result, I get the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by supporting customers through using a CRM system that can massively enhance their business functions. Many customers in their reviews comment on the on-hand support being one of their favourite features of Prospect CRM and being a part of this on my placement has been a great experience.

Challenges you face in the role & how you overcome them

When embarking on this role, it may feel like you should know all the answers straight away due to the responsibility given from the get-go. However this is in no way expected of you and with the technical complexity of the CRM, this would be impossible straight away. Line managers and other team members are always very willing to help. Approach unknowns with the right attitude and an eagerness to learn and absorb all the information given to you. Also be patient with yourself, try your best and ask questions whenever needed.

Asking questions is also an essential skill when dealing with customer queries. One of the main challenges I experience in my role was knowing which approach to take when interacting with stressed customers who quickly want their issue resolving. Initially, I had a tendency to overexplain the intricate technicalities of the issue, however this can cause greater confusion. Instead, it is important to listen carefully to their issue and clearly communicate to them the approach you are going to take with resolving it. Empathising with the customers and what they are experiencing has been so important when deciding how to interact with them in the best way possible.

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