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Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana...

By Tom Roostan on Thu 20 December 2012 in Placement Blog

It’s rolling on for Christmas time here at ProspectSoft and the twilight zone of a weather pattern that afflicts the Stokenchurch area has led to bizarre days of unnatural fog that would be more suited to a horror movie than it would an unassuming English village. 

. The office is located in a particularly odd little region of the country.

Before writing this post, I was previously unfamiliar with the placement blog and took a few moments to read the old posts. By far the most obvious thing about them was the number of authors to be recognized. Many of the faces in the photos are no longer placement students, but instead full-time employees. It’s also most amusing how you can relate their personality to their writing style. It’s a small tight-knit company so you get to know everybody pretty well.

If you’re looking for insight into the activities of sales & marketing placements, or the life of technical placements in Client Services, it would seem you’re well catered for. I appear to be in the unique position of being able to elucidate on my day-to-day as a technical placement in Development.

The company sells a core system, but a lot of customers have requirements that necessitate the need for bespoke software. After being introduced to the tools, you’ll be plunged right in to a healthy blend of application and web programming in order to create these solutions. There are new things to learn, but people are always happy to answer your questions. You do get a lot of freedom in how you want to get to the end result, and you won’t find yourself cramped by overbearing guidelines.

You’ll almost certainly be able to contribute with your own insights in several areas, by virtue of having a more recent education in a field that moves so very quickly. So, you really will feel like part of the team.


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