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Keeping Customers Happy

By Arthur Ashdown on Fri 28 January 2011 in Placement Blog

 Since the beginning of my placement I have had the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities in interesting and challenging ways.


As a support technician, I carry many responsibilities such as maintaining customer happiness and managing the time I spend on issues. When I started, I was located downstairs with professional services. A month in to my placement the Support team moved upstairs to join the account management team. This created a more customer satisfaction orientated team and we are constantly striving to improve our methods.

Being on support is a great mix of communication and technical abilities that keeps you on your toes constantly. You never know where the next opportunity to solve problems will come from or who you will be talking to next.

The role exercises a range of abilities and teaches many disciplines both technical and personal. The company itself is very interested in personal development and will actively pursue any personal goals a placement has and will help you develop as a person.

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