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Four Months In

By Peter Slot on Tue 07 December 2010 in Placement Blog

With 4 full months of hard work under our belts, it is safe to say we have all settled in well and are really in the swing of working life at ProspectSoft. 

Since leaving the relative safety of the training room we have had three busy months in the office. In this time, each of us has had the opportunity to take on many different tasks. Alex designed and organised the production of the company advent calendar, which was sent to all our partners and current customers and Serena has been busy organising our successful customer day, which went off without a hitch. Then there is Arthur who has been working non-stop to make sure all of our customer’s problems are dealt with, while even lending a helping hand around the office if a technical problem arises. Alongside our individual jobs and duties, we have also been lucky enough to have time to work together – preparation for the Rate My Placement awards application (which successfully got us through to the final four!), the placement calling campaign as well as Nick and Tom working within our operations team to develop the right solutions for our customers. With all of this going on and of course our day to day tasks, we have all been very busy and hope to be for the remainder of the year.

It hasn’t all been work though – last week, we were treated to the company Christmas party. We had a great night of bowling with only a small amount of competitive nature on show, which was then followed by a night out in Oxford for all those brave enough.

Looking forward, we have the year end approaching which means more work and pushing for orders, making sure all the work we need to do before Christmas is done in good time. To follow, we get a great reward in the form of a holiday, allowing us to relax over Christmas and recharge our batteries! Before we know it, we will be in the New Year with new events to organise, more targets to meet and of course more projects we have yet to think of.

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