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Quality Street

By Nick Butcher on Mon 06 December 2010 in Placement Blog

This month’s technical placement blog is all about a box of Quality Street.

Earlier this month, us placements were introduced to the new and updated Academies scheme that ProspectSoft runs to help placement and post-graduate employees get started in their professional development.  The scheme is split into 10 parts, each focusing on a competency that we should be developing such as meeting goals and targets, job skills, time management, etc.  We can submit 3 evidences for each of the parts, which get marked by managers.  If we get a high enough mark, this is recorded in our folders and we get given certificates at the monthly company meetings.

Being awesome, I was quick off the draw and managed to submit two evidences, which scored high enough to earn me a box of Quality Street for myself.  The two pieces I submitted were to do with configuring a ProspectSoft CRM system for a client, and tracking down a particular nasty bug in one of our add-ons that dramatically slowed down some of the imports.

My aim now is to submit as many evidences as possible, in hope that at the end of my placement year I will have plenty of certificates showing my achievements and personal development while working at ProspectSoft.

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