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New Sales and Marketing Placements

By Alice Miles on Thu 21 October 2010 in Placement Blog

The new placement year has begun, and on behalf of all the new sales and marketing placements, I can happily say that we have all settled readily and comfortably into our new roles!


We arrived on our very first day, at the beginning of August, and have since felt very much a part of the enthusiastic, hardworking, ProspectSoft team. Throughout August, as seven new placements, we under took a month’s training. The first two weeks of training were focused on the CRM product itself, now familiarly used by all of us every day. During these two weeks, we were challenged in many areas, from technical abilities through to presentation skills, it was then that we realised this was the perfect placement experience. The final two weeks of training gave the sales and marketing placements a chance to get a heads up on how life in the office really is, from shadowing the former placements, to cold calling and more importantly the benefits of hitting targets!

After we all passed our training, Tuesday 31st August became our first day in our new roles. Since being part of the Sales and Marketing team we have established and proven ourselves in each of our areas. Our latest success was creating, promoting and running a business growth workshop held at our offices. This took a lot of time and effort, but the outcome made it all worthwhile! Prior to that, we had the opportunity of attending the Q4 Partner Conference and meeting all the Resellers we speak to on a day to day basis. We were even given the chance to attend the social side of things, with a fun evening out at the Greyhound races in Oxford.

With only ten months ahead of us until our placement year ends, we are all eager and excited about the challenges and new opportunities that will be presented to us along the way!


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