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3 months left… And 3 reasons I don’t want to leave!

By Jess Cowell on Mon 22 May 2017 in Placement Blog

Who could believe that I only have 3 months left until I finish my placement experience at ProspectSoft?!

Looking back, it has been a whirlwind of a journey, but it’s a journey which has provided me with so many opportunities I never could have imagined I’d get on a placement year. 


So, a little about me…I am a student at Sussex University and I was offered the role ‘Customer Success Assistant’ at ProspectSoft. I seized this opportunity, knowing I would get involved in a range of projects at ProspectSoft, and I can tell you that I have! My role has involved assisting the Account Managers, providing demonstrations of the CRM and building positive customer relationships. Basically, I ensure I answer every phone call possible and make our customers happy!


Now I only have 3 months left but I don’t want to leave! Here are some of the reasons why I don’t want to finish this amazing placement year at ProspectSoft:


  1. The atmosphere - For me, the atmosphere at ProspectSoft is amazing. Working 8:30am to 5:00pm can be hard at times, but with the motivation and energy of my team, I’ve never failed to enjoy a day at ProspectSoft! You get to experience work socials such as trampolining every month (I can’t say I have a talent in this), and of course the Christmas work party which no one can forget!


  1. The Technology - I can’t believe I’m saying it but it’s true! I’m sure many people aren’t aware of what a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is- I didn’t initially! But now I understand how businesses can use it to develop and be successful.  My placement has also been eye-opening to several other technologies I wasn’t aware of!


  1. The Customers – I have met and spoken to so many customers, as well as networked with prospective customers. During my placement, I’ve built up a rapport with my customer base and even speak to some of them daily…know I’ll miss it! 


So, future placements -your time at ProspectSoft will fly by, so make sure you cherish every moment you have! Our farewell is around the corner, but I’m going to make the most out of these final 3 months.  

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