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My week at ProspectSoft

By Charlotte Gramlick on Mon 10 July 2017 in Placement Blog

I have just finished my week’s work experience at ProspectSoft and what a great experience it has been! 

As an A-level student who studies History, English Literature, Philosophy and Politics, I felt very apprehensive about the week ahead as I didn’t have any previous knowledge of CRM and eCommerce software. However, I shouldn’t have worried as I learnt all the necessary knowledge on the job! I decided to take on this work experience as I’ve been considering marketing as a degree and had heard nothing but good things about ProspectSoft from a current placement student (my older brother, Ollie!). I can now say with certainty that marketing is an area of interest to me. This experience has been very useful for me as the decisions I make in the next few months will influence my whole life, and I’ve had a great deal of insight into the workings of a Marketing role. 

I’ve learnt so much and I’m so pleased that I took on the opportunity to work at ProspectSoft – even if just for a short while! I have acquired many skills, not only about the CRM system, but also knowledge of B2B Marketing. Just a handful of things I’ve learnt this week include, managing multiple social media accounts, creating infographics and creating a presentation for the new placement students – as well as working my way around the Prospect 365 software. In such a digital age these skills will be transferable to the rest of my life. 

The atmosphere at ProspectSoft is so friendly, and exceeded my expectations. Working in an office is not as serious as I thought it would be! Everyone here is so friendly and instantly made me feel comfortable right from the start. I worked in the Sales, Marketing and Customer Success office and it was such a welcoming and positive atmosphere. More specifically, a special thank you to Jocelyn and Jess who I worked closely with. They were always happy to help and nothing was ever too much trouble, even when I made some mistakes! 

This week has not only been influential in my next decisions in choosing a career path, but I have learnt lifelong skills. I would definitely recommend work experience to anyone who is considering it! 

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