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My Placement Experience as a Developer!

By Lewis Evans on Thu 27 September 2018 in Placement Blog

Read all about my awesome placement experience so far as a Developer! 

As I’m writing this, I’m coming up on the end of my 2nd month here at ProspectSoft, and what a time it’s been!

I can’t stress enough how vital a work placement is to anyone about to embark on their career paths; despite the relatively short time I’ve spent here, I can already see the impact of the experiences I’ve had. I’ve been introduced to new technologies and concepts that I’ve never touched before, and I’ve already gained first-hand experience in applying these to create solutions to problems. The use of SCRUM stands out as one of the most important so far – the importance of good project management will remain a core consideration of mine for years to come. 

I believe that the most important part of my work experience so far, however, has been actually seeing a real life application of the knowledge I’ve learned in my field of work. It’s one thing to see something spoken about in a lecture or to complete a piece of coursework on it, and another to see it used in a real life scenario. It’s allowed me to truly get a measure of where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and as a result has given me the opportunity to hone my skills ready for when I graduate.

While I’ve only spoken so far about the technical experience I’ve gained, I’d also like to speak about the culture here at ProspectSoft. For the entire time I’ve been here, everyone I’ve interacted with has been so friendly and welcoming and has made the transition from student to full time worker so much easier. In particular, the development department has wasted no time in making me feel part of the team, despite my endless questions (sorry about that, Paul), and have given me the confidence needed to help me make the most of this experience.

It’s for those reasons that I would wholeheartedly recommend applying for the development placement at ProspectSoft – even now I consider the experience I’ve had so far invaluable, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

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