Applications now closed for 2019/2020


For placements, made by placements

Welcome to the ProspectSoft Placement site. A website planned, designed and built by placements for placements.

ProspectSoft have undergone some huge changes, rebranding and reassessing the company's Value Proposition. We now have a new look, a new site, and a new way of communicating with our target audience. This exercise has allowed us to think, not only about the value that we provide for our customers, but also about what we value as a company...and at the top of that list is our multi-award winning placement scheme.

So alongside our corporate site we decided to build a dedicated Placement site, and who better to take responsibility for this site than the placements themselves! ProspectSoft have always been known for giving their Placement students a lot of responsibility, and this task is no different.

Every stage of this site's development is the result of hard work from our placement students. There were countless brainstorming meetings to make sure we listened to everybody's ideas and suggestions and lots of refinement to make sure the site appeals to placement hunters. Marketing Placement, Jess, took on the role of Project Manager streamlining everyone's ideas to create the content, making sure everything was running on time and collaborating with Technical Placement Tom, who used our CMS solution and his amazing coding skills to build the site.