Applications now closed for 2019/2020

The Process

We hope our placement site has given you all the information you need about our company and placement scheme. In order to be considered for a placement role, please visit our Sales & Marketing page or our Technical page for more information on the roles before applying.

If you want to be a part of a young, dynamic business where you will gain real world experience and acquire a wide range of transferrable skills, then apply to our placement scheme. The application process is really straightforward - just follow the steps below!

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Sales & Marketing Job Descriptions

Technical Job Descriptions

The Process

Step 1 - Applying

Go to the Sales & Marketing page or Technical page to find the area you'd like to apply for.

Click 'Apply to this job' and follow the steps through the online application.

If you're applying for a Technical role, shortly after you've applied you'll receive a short technical test via email. Please complete this test within 7 days of you receiving it.

Please note: all of our placement opportunities are only open to students who are currently in their second year of University. We do not offer placements to graduate students, and only offer 13 month placements.

Step 2 - Telephone Interview

The second stage of the process is a Telephone Interview which typically lasts around 15-30 minutes.

This interview is designed to be a chance to get to know you, and why you think you’d be suited to the role.

Step 3 - Assessment Centre

If you're successful in the Telephone Interview, the final stage of the recruitment process is the Assessment Centre, an opportunity to meet you in person!

For the Sales and Marketing placements, the first half of the day includes group activities and team building exercises, as well as a short individual presentation on a topic of your choice.

For the Technical placements, the day will consist of coding tests and members of the senior management team will speak about the company and roles.

The day concludes with interviews with members of the senior management team.

Step 4 - Familiarisation Day

If you secure a placement with us, you'll be invited to our Familiarisation Day (usually held in April), which is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know the whole team before you start your placement year.

The day involves a tour of the office, meeting other colleagues, presentations from senior members of staff and lunch!

Hints & Tips

Hint 1

Make sure you tailor your CV to the company you're applying for. Show that you have a real interest in the company. For more inside info about our placement scheme, you can download our placement brochure here!

Hint 2

Highlight your hobbies and interests alongside your academic achievements. This is really important to us, as it shows you are part of extra-curricular activities. Whether this is sport, playing an instrument or your work experience, we want to see it as it's just as important!

Hint 3

Be yourself! Ultimately, the interviews and assessment days are designed for both you to see if you're right for us and for us to see if you're right for the company and roles on offer. If you can be as natural as possible, then this will really help both the company and you to decide.