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Key Information

2nd February 2024
Predicted Degree
2:1 or above
£20,320 (12 months)
13 months

The Recruitment Process

Step 1 - Application

Go to the Commercial or Technical page to find a position you'd like to apply for.

Click "Apply now" and follow the steps through the online application.

If you are applying for a technical role, shortly after you have applied you'll recieve a short technical test via email. Please complete this test 7 days of you receiving it.

Please note: All placement position are only open to students who are currently in their second year of university. We do not offer placement positions to graduate students, and only offer 13 months placement.

Step 2 - Telephone Interview

The second stage of the process is a telephone interview which typically lasts around 15-30 minutes.

This interview is designed to be a chance to get to know you, and why you think you'd be suitable for the role.

Step 3 - Assessment Centre

If you are successful in the telephone interview, the final stage of the recruitment process is the Assessment Centre, an opportunity to meet you in person!

For the commercial placements, the first half of the day includes group activity and team building exercises, as well as a short individual presentation on a topic of your choice.

For the Technical placements, the day will consist of coding tests and members of the senior management team will speak about the company and roles.

The day will conclude with interviews with members of the senior management team.

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Telephone Interviews
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Assessment Centre for Commercial Applicants
Assessment Centre for Technical Applicants
Familiarisation Day

The Structure of the Scheme

Familiarisation Day

Once you have secured a placement with us, we will invite you to our Familiarisation Day. It's a great opportunity for you to get to know your peers and new departments. We'll give you a tour of the office and answer any questions and queries you may have! The day is really fun and relaxed - after all you've done all the hard work in securing the placement!


New placements are welcomed at the beginning of August for their first day.

The first month of your placement is dedicated to training and shadowing. In the first couple of weeks all placements will learn the functionalities of our suite of software. Each week you'll be required to deliver a sales demonstration of one of our solutions.

Department Specific Training

Commercial placements will then have further training on more specific areas of the business, such as telemarketing, eMail Marketing and social media best practices.

Technical Placements will have more in depth training of our solutions to make sure they know the products they will be working with inside out.

Towards the end of the training month you'll get to shadow outgoing placements and receive handovers for your role.


After your training is over, you'll get settled into your departments. Although the old placements have left at this point, you'll still be able to ask lots of questions and learn lots of new things from other colleagues throughout the year.

New Ideas

As well as working on your day to day tasks, we encourage you to get involved in other areas of the business and suggest any projects that you would like to lead or be apart of. This means you can tailor your placement year to suit your interests, skills and strengths.


A month before the placement students leave the next group of placements begin. Our current placement students create handover documents and help with training to ensure the new placements are fully prepared to take over their roles.

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