Applications now closed for 2019/2020

The Scheme

Key Information

Technical Role Deadline:

17th February 2019

Sales & Marketing Deadline:

25th January 2019

Predicted degree:

2:1 or above

13 months

Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire

£16,900 for 13 months

4 weeks and ongoing courses

UCAS Points:


The Structure of the Scheme

Our Familarisation Day will be held once you have secured a placement with us. It's a great chance for the new placements to meet each other again since the Assessment Centre. We’ll show you around the office and you'll have a chance to meet the other employees. The day is designed for you to get to know us and your peers, and is a great time for you to ask any questions about your upcoming placement! The day is really fun and relaxed - after all, you've done the hard bit of securing the placement!

New placements are welcomed at the beginning of August for their first day.

The first month of your placement is dedicated to training and shadowing. In the first couple of weeks all placements will learn the functionalities of our suite of software. Each week you’ll be required to deliver a sales demonstration of one of our solutions.

Sales and Marketing placements will then have further training on more specific areas of the business, such as telemarketing, eMail Marketing and social media best practices. Towards the end of the training month you’ll get to shadow outgoing placements and receive handovers for your role.

Technical Placements will have more in depth training of our solutions to make sure they know the products they will be working with inside out. Similarly to the Sales and Marketing placements, you will then get to shadow the leaving placements to see what day-to-day tasks are involved in your roles.

After your training is over, you’ll get settled into your departments. Although the old placements have left at this point, you’ll still be able to ask lots of questions and learn lots of new things from other colleagues throughout the year.

ProspectSoft has an award-winning placement scheme and you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in the application for the RateMyPlacement Awards.

Throughout the year our placement students are given the opportunity to sit down with their managers and discuss their progress at appraisal meetings.

As well as working on your day-to-day tasks, we’re more than happy for you to get involved in other areas of the business and suggest projects that you’d like to lead or be a part of. This means that you can tailor your placement year to suit your interests, skills and strengths.

A month before the placement students leave the next group of placements begin. Our current placement students create handover documents and help with training to ensure the new placements are fully prepared to take over their roles.

The Benefits of Working Here

Whether you are working in Sales, Marketing or Technical here at ProspectSoft, you will be given lots of responsibility within your role, making a real difference to the business. With ProspectSoft being quite a small company with around 50 employees you will be working closely with managers and directors on a range of projects. The friendly, young and energetic atmosphere here at ProspectSoft is something we feel makes us who we are.

Our Familiarisation Day is a unique part of our scheme and is a great chance for placements to get to grips with their new environment, ask questions and meet their new colleagues. The placement year is a chance for you to learn in a professional and fun environment and an opportunity for you to shape your year in line with your career development, interests and skills.