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By Jocelyn Davies on Thu 22 December 2016 in Placement Blog

If you’re looking for a placement, it’s important that you broaden your opportunities and consider applying for smaller businesses too!

As part of our campaign #AnSMEGaveToMeSME, our placement students share some examples of the opportunities they’ve been given from working at an SME, and highlight some of the unique benefits they’ve gained. Recent LinkedIn data has identified a growing trend in people choosing to work at SMEs over the past few years. As an SME, we’ve given our placements the following responsibilities so far in their placement...

Oliver Gramlick – Sales and On-Boarding Assistant 

As a Sales and On-Boarding Assistant, I’ve been given full responsibility to manage the whole sales lifecycle from start to finish. This involves me getting prospects on-board for a free trial of Prospect 365. If they like the product, my role involves me arranging virtual demonstrations so they can understand how our solutions could benefit their business, answering any queries regarding the functionality of our solutions, scoping out and aiding the implementation of bespoke add-on projects, and even arranging and attending on-site meetings. I have sole responsibility for several customers already, and their experience with us and the product is down to me. At the end of the day, these customers pay for the services of ProspectSoft, and are therefore vital to the success of the company. I think it’s really positive that this responsibility has been placed one my shoulders despite being only 4 months into my placement.

Jessica Cowell – Customer Success Assistant

I would never have imagined I’d be given the opportunities that I have been on my placement year.

The one opportunity which stands out for me is being the person in charge of supporting over 50 customers who use our email marketing platform. Although I have various other responsibilities such as dealing with software usage questions and building customer relationships, this opportunity has not only given me an insight into marketing, but has allowed me to carry out demonstrations and be the key point of contact for anything related to email marketing. I’m so glad that I considered an SME, as I’ve been given the opportunity to delve into other areas of the business.

Luke Webb – Sales and On-Boarding Assistant 

Any company could give you the chance to just attend a meeting, but having the chance to get fully involved in scoping out requirements for both prospects and customer is a great opportunity that undertaking a placement at an SME has given me. Working at a small company, I feel like my ideas are really listened to and have a direct contribution to the business. As such, I feel like I have the same level of impact as someone who has been here for years.

Also, working at an SME has given me the chance to be the main point of contact for our free trialists of Prospect 365. Clearly I’m seen as a trusted representative of the company.

Although I have all this responsibility, my team are always on hand to give guidance when I need it.

For me, the best way to learn is through practice, and as an SME, ProspectSoft has given me the chance to do this from the start. I feel through experience I am always improving and this is only possible due to the responsibility that I am given on a day-to-day basis.

Emily Scott – Customer Success Assistant

As a Customer Success Assistant, I’m responsible for a set of customers, where I assist them with any queries they have and resolve any issues they may be experiencing. I’m also involved in helping them learn more about how to best use the software, as well as engage with customers about our new SaaS solution – Prospect 365. In addition to my daily tasks, I have been given the massive responsibility of recruiting the Technical placements for next year. ProspectSoft’s recruitment drive is very unique in that the placement scheme is their main source of future employees. Therefore, it’s this is a huge responsibility to take on! So far, I’ve reviewed CVs, conducted telephone interviews, and in January I’ll be running the Assessment Centre for Technical applicants. The recruitment process has been an eye opener, and I want to take time to ensure that I find the best candidates for next year.

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