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ProspectSoft join the Tech She Can Charter

By Jessie Willans on Mon 18 March 2019 in Placement Blog

ProspectSoft are absolutely delighted to join the Tech She Can Charter, founded by PwC.

The TechSheCan Charter is a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. It aims to tackle the root cause of the problem at a societal level by inspiring and educating young girls and women to get into tech careers and sharing best practice across the organisations involved.

Here at ProspectSoft we understand the importance of diversity, inclusivity and equality in the workplace. We believe that tech-savvy women are integral in every business’ success, and we are proud to be a ‘Promoter’ of this empowering initiative to tackle the tech gender gap. Alongside many other businesses including PwC, Channel 4 and Xero, our aim is to work together to generate lasting increase in the number of females pursuing technology careers, and make sure that those creating our technology solutions are representative of the population!

Jessica Heald, Head of Marketing at ProspectSoft, commented on joining the charter:

"We are very proud to be joining PwC's Tech She Can Charter. At ProspectSoft, we're all about encouraging and supporting females in their pursuit for a career in technology and celebrate our successful women in tech roles at all levels of the business. As part of the chartership, we'll be committed to inspiring more and more young women across schools and Universities to consider and explore the exciting world of tech careers."

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