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2 ProspectSoft Placement Weddings - and a baby!

By Jessie Willans on Thu 04 July 2019 in Placement Blog

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Well, at ProspectSoft, love is truly in the air…

It's time to shout out the Placement love birds of ProspectSoft!

Firstly, congratulations to Chris & Ronnie, previous placements/returning placements at ProspectSoft, who just got married! Chris, a past Account Management Placement, and Ronnie, a past Development Placement, tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony that took place in Crit, Romania, Sunday 30th June, 2019. Gathering on a sunny day, we saw the beautiful couple tie the knot, followed by a night full of celebrations, dancing and festivities. Check out some pictures below of the memorable (and warm!) day… 

That’s not all…another shout-out must be made, to Gabby and Paddy! Also previous ProspectSoft placements, the couple got married 10th June, 2017. With big news…the lovely couple are now excitedly expecting their first baby in August - this means that there will be plenty of adorable baby pictures to follow! 

Both truly great, ProspectSoft love stories, and we wish both couples all the best! 

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