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ProspectSoft attend Henley Royal Regatta 2019!

By Jessie Willans on Mon 08 July 2019 in Placement Blog

ProspectSoft at Henley Regatta

ProspectSoft enjoy a sunny day at Henley Royal Regatta! 

A day filled with drinking, dancing and celebrating, ProspectSoft had a magnificent time attending Henley Royal Regatta on Saturday 6th July, 2019.

Greetings were offered as ProspectSoft arrived at the Ambassadors Enclosure. Slipping on our wristbands, we made our way into the venue which was beautifully decorated with curvilinear furnishings. Individual marquees were effortlessly dotted throughout, providing a glamorous tower of space which enthusiastically encouraged party goers to socialise. Weaving our way up to the bar, ProspectSoft settled around a table with a pleasant view of the races and indulged in several jugs of fresh Pimm’s, keen to kick start the celebrations ahead. Completing the buzz, live music echoed sweet melodies throughout the enclosure; offering the perfect atmosphere to the happy faces that rallied across the crowd.

Time flew past and we were called to take our seats for lunch. Floral arrangements and delicate touches added a surplus amount of elegancy to the dining, and table by table we eagerly wondered up to the catering zone. We were pleasantly served a range of fulfilling delights; from fresh seafood to grilled meats and generously flavoursome salads, the lunch was delicious. Soon, our minds turned to the sweet treats, and across the room we noticed a charming dessert stand. Inviting us to pamper our senses with sweet strawberries, cream and scones, we treated ourselves to plentiful amounts of the heavenly delicacies, being the perfect way to end our dining experience.

Check out the pictures below for a look into the gorgeous enclosure!

Sipping our glasses of sparkling champagne and gin, ProspectSoft were undeniably ready to continue the celebrations. Gathering around the circular sofas, it was evident that happiness infused the ProspectSoft party. Nevertheless, ready to take to the dance floor, we made our way to towards the stage ready to dance along to the band and supporting saxophonist. The rhythm permeated our bodies, and we were soon gliding across the grass, legs and arms akimbo, seriously getting into the groove. It wasn’t long before certain ProspectSoft members really flaunted their best shapes...take a look at the pictures below!  

ProspectSoft had a wonderful afternoon making memories, celebrating the summer sporting event and embracing the charming views of Henley and the River Thames. A true season for socialising and rejoicing; Henley Royal Regatta 2019, you were an absolute blast. 

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