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The Half-way Checkpoint in a Customer Success Role!

By Meghna Mangat on Fri 21 February 2020

Take a look at Meghna's experience so far working in the dynamic, fast-paced Customer Success team!

I’m now half-way through my placement year with ProspectSoft as a Customer Success Assistant! It has been a whirlwind of acquiring and adapting skills, working in teams and building relationships with new and existing customers. As a placement student in this department, I work in the Onboarding team to guide customers through the process of adopting our new Prospect CRM platform, by either migrating them from the old, on-premise solution or getting them up and running as a completely new customer through our training methods.  

This team was only created last year, so processes are constantly being analysed and improved, which is great as it ensures we’re working in the most efficient way! We help configure the CRM to fit the customers’ business requirements e.g. their sales process, document templates and after-sales process. We then train customers regarding the use of the CRM, as it’s an in-depth system that needs to be utilised to its fullest potential. This role requires a real focus on the customer at all times, ensuring we’re constantly communicating with them, regardless of which stage they’re at with the CRM. 

As well as Onboarding new customers, we also want to ensure our current customers are getting the most out of their CRM. We regularly book in system reviews to see how customers are getting on and to identify if our new platform would be a good fit for them. As part of this, we walk through the current system our customers have and analyse their major requirements. We also identify if the work is feasible and get estimated costing for the work if required. Once we discuss project requirements with the customer and both parties are happy, we book in and schedule their work to get them migrated. 

Working in a team with CSMs and developers really allowed me to get a good understanding of project management. So far, I've gained a more in-depth view of general and bespoke development to improve my problem solving and communication skills. Learning to find out feasibility, truly understanding customer goals and identifying if there are current features that the customer can use are general tasks within the role that are continually aiding my learning.  

Onboarding is an important part in ensuring customers adapt to and adopt their CRM solution successfully. To monitor this process, we have fortnightly stand ups where everyone in the Onboarding team, our Head of Sales and our Head of Development meet to go through our current Onboarding customers. This ensures everyone is on track and is getting the most out of their CRM. 

My placement at ProspectSoft so far has really helped me get a better understanding of project management and consultancy. Everyone here has been really helpful with answering questions and easing you into the role. As a placement, you get a lot of freedom and everyone is always welcoming of your ideas to introduce and adapt processes and workflows. There are regular social events going on too, like curry and pizza nights, which are a really nice way for everyone to meet up after work. Overall, I've found ProspectSoft to be a really encouraging and welcoming place to work and I’m looking forward to the rest of my placement here! 

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