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A very warm welcome to the ProspectSoft Placement Students 2015/2016!

By Thea Spalding on Tue 28 April 2015 in Placement Blog

As with every year at ProspectSoft, placements come and go and believe it or not it’s already time to start preparing for next year’s batch. 

But don’t worry – we’re not going anywhere just yet! Our new placements don’t arrive until August but here at ProspectSoft we like to welcome them to the team before they’ve even started!

We host our annual Familiarisation Day every Easter, offering the chance for our new placements to come and meet their team, find out more about us as a company and what to expect from their placement year. ProspectSoft’s placement scheme is so highly regarded because of the time that the company invests in their placements so that they can become integral members of the team, which is why we think it’s so important to make our placements feel valued from the moment they accept the job offer.

2015’s familiarisation day started the same as all years before them – photo time! It’s important for us to capture the placements smiles on their first day as employees, so we can capture how far they’ve come when it’s time to leave and most importantly embarrass them on social media and blogs…

The rest of the day was filled with introductory sessions, one-on-one time spent with their relevant departments, and finally various presentations from directors, current and returning placements. The primary aim of the morning was for ProspectSoft to prepare the placements for their start date while taking the opportunity to re-introduce everyone without the pressured environment of an Assessment Centre.

But we know it’s hard to get to know a student on an empty stomach, so every year ProspectSoft also treat the placements to a T.G.I Friday’s! For me personally, one of the great things about working for a smaller company is the direct contact and support you get from senior members of staff – and of course this also goes for our Familiarisation Day with two of our Director’s coming along to the meal!

Everyone at ProspectSoft were particularly impressed with our new placements this year, and we are very much looking forward to the arrival of this talented bunch in a few months time!

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