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What I've Learned as a Customer Success Placement

By Maria Santiago Aguiar on Mon 05 July 2021

What I've Learned as a Customer Success Placement

From becoming an SQL pro, to Onboarding her very own customers - find out exactly what Maria has learned since joining our Customer Success team.

Hi there, my name’s María, and I’m a Customer Success placement here at ProspectSoft! I initially applied for the Technical Support role, but when it came to the final round of interviews, the team suggested I consider joining their Customer Success team – and I haven’t looked back since.  

The ProspectSoft team felt that the Customer Success role would enhance my skills and put me on the right track to reaching my future career goals in Project Management. After reading the job description, I was immediately attracted to the idea of managing a project, establishing new relationships, and building customer rapport. Little did I know that all my expectations were about to be exceeded. 

Throughout my placement I’ve felt extremely welcome and comfortable - my team and colleagues have always helped me when I needed them, and given me lots of advice and ideas whenever I’ve had any queries or issues. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been given the chance to explore new avenues and gain life-changing experience.  

Since starting in the role, I’ve conducted Welcome and Consultancy sessions with clients, which have proved beneficial in helping me overcome my fear of public speaking. During the sessions, I’m able to follow a script and receive guidance from my colleagues. But when I first started conducting these calls - regardless of all the support - I felt slightly scared, uncertain, and doubtful of my ability to deliver an engaging presentation. And if I’m being completely honest, I was afraid of failing the task. 

Once my first Welcome call was complete, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders – I was then able to focus on what needed to be improved for my next sessions. It was at that exact moment that I noticed I was putting limitations on myself - it’s completely normal to be scared and insecure, but those insecurities were holding me back. However, I can now confidently say that I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, and as a result, my confidence has boosted – allowing me to maintain positive thoughts and beliefs. It’s safe to say that I’m thrilled with what I’ve achieved so far, and I’m eager to continue learning from experiences yet to come. 

I have to admit - jumping into a 9-5 role has made me aware of how important it is to be organised, as opposed to my - dare I say it - non-existent routine at Uni! Waking up early, and having regular working hours has forced me to establish an effective routine and manage my work-life balance. My placement has not only taught me about working life, but also about my skills, aspirations, and weaknesses. I’m more proactive than ever, and having an agenda has improved my time management, whilst making me less stressed. It’s a relief not to feel like I’m constantly racing against the clock. 

Although there have been times where I’ve had to face unsatisfied customers, the support and feedback from my colleagues has made me capable of settling the dispute amicably. This highlights the importance of asking for help, and how it’s possible to bounce back from any kind of problem with a positive mindset and attitude. This is especially important in a pandemic, where there are loads of external problems and unpredictable events - we can all agree that it has been a super chaotic year or so!  

I’ll admit, sometimes lockdown and working online hasn’t been easy - occasionally I felt like I was missing out, and got overwhelmed by the idea of staying home 24/7. This is yet another reason as to why it’s so important to have a routine, to keep moving forward and push away any negative thoughts. Luckily at ProspectSoft, we communicate openly with each other and share our opinions and ideas – something that’s been extremely helpful over the past few months. 

I highly encourage you to consider being part of this amazing team, and guarantee you’ll notice how much you evolve over the year - right from your first few months to the end of your placement. Step-by-step, you’ll gain greater knowledge of our CRM solution, along with SQL, business processes, customer service skills and an understanding of different perspectives from the range of the customers we help.  

As a Customer Success Assistant, you’ll be accountable for your work, and be responsible for different tasks - such as assisting customers, helping co-workers, and thinking outside the box to solve problems. To succeed in the role, it’s crucial that you pay attention and demonstrate to your clients, and the team, that you value their opinion and that you can provide the required assistance. You won’t always know all the answers, but showing customers that you care and that you’ll be sure to find out any answers they need is vital in achieving Customer Success. 

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