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Working in DevOps at ProspectSoft

By Cameron Webley on Fri 06 May 2022 in Placement Blog

Check out Cameron's blog, where he gives us an insight into what attracted him to the Development role at ProspectSoft and his favourite parts so far.

What attracted me to a role in Software Development? 

From a young age, I’ve always had an avid interest in computers, which originated from visiting my grandparents' house to play on their old PC. But my interest in Software Development began in my teens at high school, where I was introduced to the basics of coding, and began programming as a hobby. Software Development is very much like solving a bunch of small puzzles (and some big ones too) and if you’re anything like me, they are endlessly satisfying and rewarding to figure out. Although it might be frustrating at times when it seems you just can’t work out a problem, once you finally find the answer, the level of gratification is always worth it, and you can feel proud for deciphering the issue. 

Some people believe that programming is not creative, it’s more Mathematic and logical - but that’s not always the case. Depending on the product, the front-end design can be just as important as the back-end programming, if not more. You can have incredible back-end code, but if you neglect the front-end which the user sees, no one will use it. So, as an individual who enjoys being creative, having the opportunity to express my creative side through Software Development is always enjoyable. 
What attracted me to a role at ProspectSoft? 

During my search for a Software Development placement, I found that the majority involved working for larger corporations such as Banks and Supermarkets. Whilst the placement itself looked good at these companies, the thought of being an imperceptible piece of a huge corporation didn’t appeal to me. When I stumbled across the Software Development at ProspectSoft, where I could see I’d have the opportunity to make a real difference within an SME, I jumped at the opportunity to apply. Also, I knew it would give me the opportunity to work on all aspects of the product. I can work on the front-end design and offer my input on how the product looks and interacts with the customer. 

Perhaps an overlooked aspect when applying for placements is where you’ll be working, geographically. It’s obviously important to find somewhere you’ll enjoy working, but it’s just as important finding somewhere where you’ll enjoy spending your free time. Many of the available placements for my role were in the UK’s biggest cities like Manchester or London, which was not something that appealed to me personally. With Oxford being the home of ProspectSoft, it seemed to be just the right size and atmosphere - an ideal place for me to live! 
How do my expectations compare with my time at ProspectSoft? 

The work itself is super enjoyable, and I’ve found that I especially enjoy determining bugs and fixing them. It’s really rewarding playing detective to find out the root of a problem and then finding the solution. And, it’s particularly fulfilling seeing my changes being shown on each release notes which get sent out to customers, knowing that I’ve made a real difference. Not only is the work a lot of fun, but so is the experience surrounding the placement – something I feel is unique to ProspectSoft. I’ve loved every moment of living in Oxford, and living together with my fellow placements who I’ve become very good friends with!

The placement has been a fantastic way to grow as a Software Developer, learning so much each day and getting vital experience I can use to apply myself further in the future. I honestly feel I'll have a huge advantage when returning to University next year with the knowledge I’ve been equipped with during my time at ProspectSoft. 

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