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Challenges I've Faced on the Service Desk

By Callie Lewis on Mon 24 July 2023 in Placement Blog

Challenges i've faced on the service desk at prospectsoft

Working in first-line support isn't always easy, and sometimes you have to make quick decisions in order to deliver first-rate service. Technical Services placement, Callie, explains the challenges she's faced while working on the Service Desk and how she deals with the complex problems that arise on the job.

From the initial expectations to the realities I faced, I have grown both personally and professionally within my role on the Service Desk. When I first joined ProspectSoft as a Support Technician, I didn’t know what to expect. I imagined solving technical issues effortlessly and being able to resolve every customer interaction. However, reality had a different plan and I quickly learnt that this wouldn’t always be the case. 

Dealing with frustrated customers is a part of the job. Each Problem ticket presents its challenges, requiring me to dig deep into the software's functionalities and collaborate with different teams to find solutions. The job demands adaptability and the ability to keep calm even when you don’t have all the answers. Despite my best efforts and technical ability, some issues can be complex or unique to a customer’s specific setup, making them difficult to troubleshoot. Additionally, our software may have limitations or dependencies on external factors beyond my control. I've learned to be open and honest with our customers, explaining the situation with transparency and assuring them that I'm committed to finding a solution or escalating the matter to the appropriate teams.

One thing that has made all the difference is the incredible support from my co-workers. The team atmosphere in the office is encouraging and collaborative. Whenever I face a challenging problem, I know I can rely on my colleagues for guidance and advice. Their wealth of knowledge and experience helped me navigate through tough situations and provided me with valuable insights.

Regular team meetings further boosted my skills and knowledge. These meetings not only kept me updated with the latest software developments but also offered a safe space to discuss our current difficulties and learn from each other's experiences, gaining a fresh perspective on the problem. 

As I gained experience in my role, I noticed significant growth in my confidence and communication skills. Initially, I was a bit nervous about interacting with customers, fearing that I might not have all the answers. However, as time went on, I realised that it was okay not to have immediate solutions. Instead, I focused on listening to their concerns and empathising with their situations, offering short-term assistance whilst we looked into their issues. Every successful ticket helped my self-confidence. As customers started to provide positive feedback about my assistance with our software, I learned to trust my abilities and gained the confidence to handle more complex queries.

In addition to customer interactions, my internal communication skills also improved. Collaborating with different teams within the company is essential, and I learnt how to share technical details to colleagues from non-technical backgrounds. 

Although I do face many challenges, the rewards far outweigh them. Being the first person that our customers interact with whilst they are having difficulties has taught me the value of empathy and adaptability. Working alongside a supportive and collaborative team has made this placement enjoyable and I appreciate this journey, embracing new challenges, and hope to further refine my skills in the future.

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