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Morning Routine: Setting Myself up for Success

By Issy Parry on Fri 17 November 2023

Morning Routine Blog

Do you struggle to wake up for a productive day in the office? Marketing Placement Issy is here to help you make the most out of your early morning starts...

Since starting my role as a New Marketing Executive Placement, I have become aware of how important it is to get into a good morning routine and set the day off to a good start. For many of us, the morning is a crucial time that sets the tone for the rest of the day. It's the time when we prepare ourselves for a busy day of work in the office or studying at university. This transition can be especially challenging for those who have long commutes, like the daily drive from Wokingham to Oxford- which is what I have been doing. Settling into this new routine has been a massive change from the old routine I had at university, and I would be lying if I said that it was an easy adaptation. In this blog, I will address the best ways to make a positive start to your day. 

Morning Routine: 

The key to a successful morning routine when you have a long commute is to start early. Normally I will set my alarm a bit earlier than I would like; this extra time allows for a peaceful start to the day and extra time to make sure I have everything ready for the office. Waking up early means less rushing and more time to focus on preparing for the day. My advice is: Aim to wake up at a consistent time each day to regulate your body's internal clock as this will make your mornings more productive and easier over time. I also like to do a bit of preparation the night before. I tend to make my lunch and make sure everything I need is in my bag before I go to bed so that I can have a bit more time in the morning and cut out any additional stress.  

Once I’m up I always have a glass of water to rehydrate myself and a healthy breakfast to ensure I have enough the energy needed to fuel my morning and stay alert at work. Usually I’ll have some toast or cereal, but if I have a bit more time I’ll have eggs or a granola bowl. Then I will have a cold shower in the morning, it may sound bad, but it never fails to wake me up and give me a serotonin boost first thing!  

Don't underestimate the power of dressing well! I always like to choose an outfit that makes me feel confident and prepared to tackle the day. Dressing professionally can boost your self-esteem and send a positive message, so make sure you have your wardrobe on standby. Next, I always make myself a coffee to take with me in the car. This gives me a buzz in the morning, so I feel more charged and ready for the day. 

Commute in the Morning: 

The Wokingham to Oxford commute is around an hour (maybe a bit more with traffic) so it offers plenty of time to catch up on a podcast or have a karaoke sing-along to a few playlists. Contrary to the common perception of commuting being stressful, it can serve as a buffer zone between work and home life. I like to think of my commute in the morning as "Me Time" as it is time that I can use for self-care.  

My journey to work consists mostly of motorways so it's not unusual to face traffic in the early morning. This can add time onto my journey, so I always ensure that I have left my house with enough time spare in case there is an accident or a build-up of traffic on the way. I also always try to avoid it by checking Google Maps before I leave so I know of any traffic, road closures, or accidents I can avoid by taking an alternative route. This eliminates any stress and the chance of me being late into work. 

Podcasts and Music:

Since my commute is fairly long, I like to make it more enjoyable by listening to my favourite music, on my ever-growing car playlist, and mentally prepare myself for the day. My suggestion is to create a good playlist full of positive and feel-good songs that will ensure a positive start to your day so you can enter the office smiling. Additionally, podcasts are great to listen to as they get you thinking and provide some entertainment for you. The best thing is there are unlimited choices of topics, and this can help to match the mood of your morning.  

How it all ties in to improve your workday: 

A long commute, such as Wokingham to Oxford, can be a daily challenge, but it doesn't have to be a wasted or stressful part of your day. By crafting a well-thought-out morning routine, you can use this time to set yourself up for success at work. Incorporating routine, healthy eating, making time for yourself, and a few good playlists into your routine can make your commute not only more bearable but also incredibly positive for your wellness. Remember, how you start your day often determines how successful you will be at work, so make the most of those morning hours! 

Remember, your morning routine is an investment in yourself and your personal development in your placement year, so make it a priority and personalise it to suit you so you can gain the rewards of a successful workday. 

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