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A lot can be achieved in 4 months

By Luke Webb on Mon 21 November 2016 in Placement Blog

When I look back over the 4 months I’ve been here as a placement student, I never thought I could have achieved as much as I have in such a short space of time, and feel I can already look back with a sense of pride. 

What motivates me as a person is being given plenty of responsibility and opportunities to challenge myself. Doing a placement at an SME has provided me with both of these things, and in my role as a Sales and On-Boarding Assistant, I feel like I’ve been given the tools to run my own business. I’ve got my own set of prospects, can create my own leads, and demonstrate the software to clients independently. More recently, I’ve even converted some of my prospects into paying customers, which was a huge achievement. Not only this, but I’m the first point of contact for free trialists and new customers on Prospect 365, so I’ve taken clients right through the sales journey from beginning to end.

It’s not just Sales experience I’m gaining; I’ve also been given the opportunity to account manage our new Prospect 365 customers. Don’t know what account managing is? At ProspectSoft, it involves building relationships with existing customers, answering their questions and solving problems they might be experiencing. It’s really about making sure that the customer gets the best out of our suite of software. Another extra opportunity that I’ve been given is the responsibility of heading up the Recruitment of next year’s Sales and Marketing Placements. I’ve learnt so much from being on the “other side” of the Recruitment process and have already marked more CVs and Cover Letters than I can count! I’ve even started conducting several telephone interviews, and can already begin to see how this experience will benefit myself in applying for roles in the future. I’m looking forward to planning and co-ordinating the Assessment Centre, and ultimately welcoming the successful candidates in 2017!

I feel I’m improving all the time, both through experience and by learning from my colleagues. The ability to constantly review and improve has always been important to me, and I aim to look back every month with confidence that I’ve done just that. I’ve learnt a lot, but it’s also been an enjoyable experience thanks to the brilliant group of people at ProspectSoft. What makes the placement great is everyone’s positive attitude to working hard every day, not just for themselves, but for everyone at the business – I’m excited to see what lies ahead on this journey!

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