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Welcome to the Marketing Hub pt.2 & The Big Event

By Jess Heald on Thu 13 November 2014 in Placement Blog

Following from the brief introduction from the lovely Rachel, here’s my blog post!

I’m Jess, now officially ‘Event Co-ordinator and Marketing Assistant’ (not only does this sound fancy and important, but it’s a great addition to my previously very bare and pointless LinkedIn account).

I can’t explain how nervous I was when I started here, but the first month of training that ProspectSoft give to placements allowed us to all really settle in and get to know each other whilst getting to grips with the company and the software. Now, I’ve made great friends with not only all the placements, but with the rest of the existing employees. I cannot believe how much I’ve already learned here at ProspectSoft. Don’t worry, I’m not going to reel off a massive list of everything and make this post unnecessarily long and mind-numbing. But really – I’ve learnt so many new things which I know will be relevant and applicable to not only my future career, but to my final year at university.

I’ve recently worked with Francesca (also known as FAF), our wonderful creative marketing executive and a returning placement, on a new placement brochure which you can download on the new placement website here: Just before we all arrived, the marketing hub at ProspectSoft had been working tirelessly to re brand everything. This included revamping the corporate site in its entirety, and it looks great. However, the one big thing missing was a placement site. Many companies that I came across when applying for my placement had a section on their site for placements, and this was missing from ProspectSoft’s old website. Within my second month of being here, I was given the project to create a new section of the website where prospective placements can go to get all the information about the placement scheme, roles, and find out how to apply. But we didn’t stop there – with help from design diva FAF and one of the current technical placements Tom we designed a brand new, interactive site. This has been such a great project for me, as I’ve been able to create the site from scratch, from the initial ideas meeting and persona building, to creating a wireframe/structure of the site, to coming up with a design and handing over our ideas to Tom for him to get stuck in building the site himself. It’s really exciting seeing every single stage of the process and the development of the site. You can check it out here:

You’ve also probably heard us mention the event we have been working on. This has been a huge achievement for the entire company – we all pitched in on the lead up to the big day at Silverstone Race Circuit. Rachel and I finalised the items that will go into the care pack which we handed out to every attendee (that we had booked on!). After much consideration, we chose some great items which we feel the customers and prospects will love, and most importantly actually use after the event has been and gone. Hopefully the event will mean that Thea and Jack can generate some more sales leads with new and existing customers. We pulled everything together in order to make it our best event to date, and what an event it turned out to be! We had over 110 attendees on the day, and several customers and prospects commented on how well it was run by us all. Our Head of Marketing Vicki managed the event incredibly, and we really couldn’t have done it without her!

Hopefully some of you reading this are thinking about applying for a placement year here…make sure you check out the new website at, and good luck!! 

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