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Caffeine, alarm clocks and an amazing first month

By Thea Spalding on Wed 10 September 2014 in Placement Blog

Having recently completed training and entering into my new role I thought now would be the perfect time to let you know how we’ve all been settling in up here in the Sales and Marketing office. 

Although it’s fair to say I’m now addicted to caffeine and haven’t seen past 10pm since I can remember, the past six weeks have truly been life changing in all the best ways. Walking into the office a bag of nerves for the first time now seems like nothing but a distant memory, and particularly since the dashing picture of me with a drawn-on moustache has been stuck firmly on the kitchen wall I feel like a proper member of the team…

I’m one of the new Sales Placements for this year alongside Jack, whilst Rachel and Jess work next to us over in the Marketing Hub. We already have a bit of a heated competition going on between the two departments over who can customise their new desks the best – personally, I think we’re winning by a long shot with the blow-up dinosaur named Bronto we inherited proudly overlooking Jack’s desk.

I can’t stress enough how incredibly friendly and supportive everyone is and no one ever belittles you for asking questions (no matter how silly you might think they sound!). From day one I’ve established both a social and professional relationship with the rest of the placements and even after the first week I felt like I had already made some great friends.

As a Sales Consultant, I am primarily accountable for the day to day responsibility of our web analytics software WOW Analytics which includes supporting our customers who are currently using the software, monitoring the traffic on our own website and ultimately performing demonstrations to prospective customers. As well as this, myself and Jack are also involved in liaising with our key partners and potential clients and just generally assisting the sales team in building quotes and confirming orders. In fact, we literally just got back from a meeting with some partners down in Bournemouth which was an amazing opportunity to network and gain advice from some really talented people – plus, the free bar was most definitely an ice breaker!

In Sales and Marketing, something that we do across both departments is event booking, which is a great opportunity to gain and enhance your telemarketing skills – a competence that is undoubtedly invaluable in the business industry. The event that everyone in the company is currently gearing up for is set to be our biggest yet, located at Silverstone Racetrack and focusing on best business practice and improving business efficiency. There’s often prizes won for whoever has booked on the most attendees at the end of each week which is certainly good motivation to “Keep Smiling!” as our Head of Marketing Vicki always tells us.

That’s it for now from us in Sales, but you’ll hear from the Marketing girls next month who I’m sure will keep you up to date with all the latest office antics!

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our regular placement updates on twitter @ps_placements

Thea Spalding, Sales Consultant 

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