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So, you don’t know what a CRM system is…?

By Joe Warren on Mon 24 October 2016 in Placement Blog

If you don’t know what a CRM system is – don’t panic! You can still apply for a placement at ProspectSoft…so if that thought is in your head, get it out!

When I arrived, I was greeted by some friendly ProspectSoft faces, including the other placements from the Familiarisation Day, which quickly made me feel at ease. We made our way up to the board room after our first Company Meeting, to start our first day of training.

The first few weeks involved several training sessions, which covered all areas of ProspectSoft’s suite of software. Despite the challenge, it opened my eyes up to the technical functionality that ProspectSoft offers to its customers. Keen to learn, I tried to pick up everything I could so that I had a positive start in my role as a Customer Success Assistant in Account Management.

The induction gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed for my role within the Customer Success Team, and could now start building relationships with customers and helping them with specific issues. I still had lots to learn, but I was confident at this point that I would be able to learn more from the outgoing placements and my line manager, Alex.

Within the first month, I had already been given another important task of being a key member in the 365 SWAT Team. The team involves only a few members of permanent staff, and is headed up by our MD, Andy. I speak to the customers directly, logging their Prospect 365 issues and try to fix them where I can, or raise them to our Development team for further investigation. I also facilitate meetings to discuss the outstanding issues with Andy and the rest of the SWAT Team. It’s made my role really varied already, and I’m excited to get more involved in this project and others in the future.

I am now sitting behind my desk, writing this blog minutes before a call with a customer to discuss their new migration, thinking how I shouldn’t have been so worried about the fact that I didn’t know about CRM systems before I started.
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