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By Jethro Dew on Fri 22 March 2013 in Placement Blog

ProspectSoft has a growing reputation for genuinely helping its customers. 

This is something we all take pride in and our sales and marketing team can really promote, however it is not just a buzzword that you can use to vaguely describe your company. It takes real effort to help a company grow and improve and even more before you can start bragging about it.

As a technical placement in Client Services I am proud to say that I am one of the important wheels that help drive this reputation. I don’t really have an average day at ProspectSoft, they are all pretty exceptional. Whether working on eCommerce and client websites, advising resellers or providing technical consultation for our clients directly, I always have responsibility and a bit of a challenge in my day to day tasks.

My job role requires a lot of mental flexibility and a strong technical understanding. I don’t just have to know how the ProspectSoft software works and how to add new things to the interface and database. I have to understand how the whole things fits together so that when a customer wants something changed or added, I can consider the best strategy for achieving the desired effect.

ProspectSoft has certainly provided me with plenty to do and I hope that my impact on the company and its clients have been similar in size to the amount of experience and skills that I have developed in the first 6 months. I am only half way through and I have absolutely no doubt the second half of my placement will be as good, if not better, with even more customers and technical challenges.

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