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The Life of a Marketing Placement

By Fiona Ness on Fri 24 February 2012 in Placement Blog

Now that you’ve heard from our technical and new business placements, it’s my turn to let you know exactly what goes on in the Marketing corner of the office – don’t worry I won’t keep you too long.

I was thrilled to be put in the marketing role when I started at ProspectSoft, and so far it has been even better than I could have possibly expected.

Marketing allows me to dabble in loads of different things: planning events, telemarketing, social media, branding, email targeting and campaigns. This keeps me extremely busy, and whilst it can be tough at times, every day is different.

My main responsibility at ProspectSoft lies in our email marketing. This has by far been the most challenging but also rewarding aspect of my role so far. Grasping the ins and outs of what to me was a brand-new system was tough in itself, but now I have this under my belt I have been given a fantastic opportunity. Over the last few months I have joined Rob on the usage training courses for our Email Marketing product. This allows me to go onsite with our customers and ensure that they can make the most of their email marketing solution. Whilst this is a big step it’s also very exciting and I can genuinely say I learn something new from every visit.

Finally, I’m sure you have noticed this becoming a bit of a theme but, never has the phrase ‘Work hard, play hard’ been truer! ProspectSoft is a really great company and there’s always something going on. We have a black tie event coming up, I’m personally very excited to add a little class to my life, and some of the team are taking on a 10K charity run in May – I will be attending this for support purposes only.

That’s all for now but don’t forget; for more regular updates check our Placement twitter, @PS_Placements


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