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The Life of a New Business Placement

By Nick Butcher on Tue 31 January 2012 in Placement Blog

During our intensive month of training at ProspectSoft, there was a lot of secrecy surrounding the specific job roles that the Sales and Marketing Placement Students would find themselves in for the following 12 months. 

After many attempts to prise this information from employees and managers alike, Nikesh and I were placed in the New Business roles. Amongst other things, the role itself includes supporting partners and clients in progressing sales enquiries, but as always at ProspectSoft, you are also given the opportunity to take on different projects alongside your day-to-day role that gives you a chance to ‘dip your toe’ into different areas of the business.

The main responsibility I have been given is the recruitment of the Sales and Marketing Placement Students for the 2012-13 year – a very important responsibility as it is the main way we recruit new members to join the ProspectSoft team. This year, we have had a very large number, but at the same time a very high standard of applicants. We are looking for the right candidates to fill the (hopefully very large) shoes that we will all have left next September when it is time for us to return to University.

One of the main responsibilities Nikesh has is working alongside the marketing manager on our websites. In this role, he isn’t just simply following orders but is actually expected and encouraged to bring his own marketing ideas to the table on how we can continually improve our web presence. As someone who didn’t have a clue about what HTML was, let alone what it stood for he quickly got up to speed and is now constantly maintaining and updating the websites. This however is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we do at ProspectSoft whilst on Placement.

We work hard but play hard at the same time. Due to the young and vibrant ProspectSoft team, we are never lacking in volunteers who are willing to step back into ‘student mode’ and enjoy a night out in Oxford, whether it be a casual ‘Rum N Ting’ drink at the Jamaican bar or a full night clubbing. The company also enjoyed a trip to Thorpe Park on Fireworks Night. Although it was the last day the park was open, the queues were surprisingly short, so after several adrenaline filled hours we had all got our fix of rollercoaster rides.


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