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ProspectSoft Placement, but what does that involve?

By Fiona Ness on Wed 04 January 2012 in Placement Blog

Back in September we gave you a brief update of how our first few weeks at ProspectSoft had been.

We’ve now just come back from our Christmas break and I think you’ll agree, our next check in is well overdue. So, what have we been up to?

I wanted to give you an overview of our day to day lives in the office, but when it actually came to writing something down I realised, no two jobs are the same. From planning events to getting us shortlisted for a Rate My Placement award and running customer days to helping develop our software, we have all had the chance to put our own individual stamp on the company. It’s safe to say that we have all been encouraged, not only to utilise our existing skills, but take on new and challenging tasks.

So, that’s a very brief overview of the types of tasks we have taken on in the last few months, but don’t worry we’re not going to leave it there. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our ‘The life of…’ series to properly fill you in on what exactly it is that we get up to.

Look out for ‘The life of…’ posts beginning on the 9th January.

P.S. For more regular updates follow our Placement twitter (@PS_Placements).

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