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Use the Products You Sell

By Peter Slot on Fri 06 May 2011 in Placement Blog

Recently one of my main areas of focus has been our email marketing activities.


This particular area of our marketing has developed a lot over my time here which includes the change from using Constant Contact as our email marketing provider to Communigator which is now an official part of the ProspectSoft Product range (

Before I started at ProspectSoft, email marketing was something that we spoke about in marketing modules at university, with the discussions usually ending with people saying ‘we would send emails to our target market about our new exciting product to increase awareness and sales’ or something similar; and surprisingly this is the way some companies do approach this type of marketing. However, since being involved in the real process of coming up with, designing and implementing email marketing campaigns I can say that it is far more complex than just sending emails to your target market, well if you want to be successful it is!

The importance of sending relevant and interesting content to your targets cannot be understated. Since getting involved in this area and learning the amount I have learnt, I feel I have gained genuine skills and knowledge which will be valuable to me. The opportunity for this type of personal development is not to be taken lightly, or to be expected with just any placement you do. It is important that your colleagues trust in your ability to do your job well, as well as you being willing to take responsibility for tasks yourself. This highlights just one aspect of my job where I have learned a huge amount about something which I assumed was fairly simple and easy. Over the last nine months I know everyone has had this same experience, you can see this just from looking at their blog posts.  

A key area of our email marketing is focused on our Business Growth Workshops. These are events we put on for customers and prospects to offer them information on a specific subject. The recent events have focussed on eCommerce and how to successfully launch an eCommerce site and make it successful. All of the placements worked extremely hard with booking people on, sending out confirmation packs and helping on the day of the event. All of this work paid off with two very successful events which led to feedback from the attendees like;

“Very good presentation that clearly outlined the benefits of having an eCommerce website. Very professional and a great day!”

Archie David, Hynedale Limited 

On top of these two successful events we also had a successful familiarisation day.  I unfortunately was unable to attend, but from what I have heard it was a great day. This gives the new placements the opportunity to meet the people they will be working with and also to get to know each other before they start. As always this was all capped off with the traditional trip to TGI’s.

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