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Support, Support, Support

By Arthur Ashdown on Fri 06 May 2011 in Placement Blog

A lot has happened on support since the last update. 

The evolution of the products we use and offer are constantly changing, as are the ways we support our customers. Every week my responsibilities grow as my colleague’s trust in me likewise grows.

Since the last update we have recruited an extra member of support who will be starting next week. This will further increase our productivity and make the Client Services team work more efficiently, while at the same time making every day’s work that little bit easier.

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I were treated to a special “support heroes” lunch in praise of our recent efforts and growing abilities. This sort of extra-work activity is the sort of thing that really makes ProspectSoft a special place to work, everyone here cares just as much about each other as they do about the job in hand.

We also had the familiarisation day for the next placements that will be starting 2011/2012. It’s good to see fresh faces around the office and it’s nice to know that ProspectSoft is continuing its world-famous recruitment of first class placements.

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