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Starting a New Chapter

By Jocelyn Davies on Tue 23 August 2016 in Placement Blog

We are habitual creatures. We create a routine and we become comfortable. Change forces us into consciousness but moreover it causes uncertainty. 

The fear of failure is strong and so is moving away from a way of life you had become accustomed to. It’s strange where life takes you, but I am no stranger to trying new things. Whilst I was looking forward to starting at ProspectSoft, there is no doubt I was apprehensive. This was fuelled by the uncertainty of moving in with people I had only previously met briefly, as well as moving to a new area I had not visited before starting my Marketing role in the software industry.

Now, as a marketing student I am not hugely knowledgeable in technology. In fact, the extent of my tech savviness is using the wondrous Microsoft Office! In our first week, we were submerged into the world of software and customer relationship management. I had never heard of CRM, which made me question my decision to work in this industry. However, this doubt didn’t last long. Every day is a new experience, and I have learnt so much already in areas I had no idea about previously. Not only have I learnt from my colleagues who are incredibly patient, but also from my new house mates. Living with two of the technical placements who have a real passion for software has opened my eyes to this new world that I’ve never come across until now.

Albert Einstein once said ‘The only source of knowledge is experience’. From the huge amount, I’ve learnt already I could not agree with this statement more. We have learnt how to use our CRM software, create a website in minutes, send email campaigns and telemarketing skills. It’s amazing to think what the ten of us have achieved already! With uncertainty comes opportunity for knowledge and I’m excited to see where this placement journey will take me.

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