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Several months into my time flies!

By Oliver Gramlick on Tue 21 March 2017 in Placement Blog

WOW, the finishing line is in distance…I can’t believe how fast my time at ProspectSoft has gone! 

Thinking back to before my placement, I truly didnt think I would have learnt as much as I have so far. I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in areas of the business that I have found interesting and developed skills which I didn’t think I would. The flexibility that is given to you by working at an SME is invaluable and is a credit to ProspectSoft’s placement scheme. 


The highlight of my placement year was undoubtedly my involvement in ProspectSoft’s winning NUE Award application. Prior to this year’s success, ProspectSoft had endured two years without winning the award despite being shortlisted on both occasions. About 2 months into my placement, I was handed the responsibility of bringing the crown back to ProspectSoft. The application involved a written document highlighting ProspectSoft’s placements brilliance by providing some statistical evidence of their contribution to the company’s bottom line. On the back of this brief, we decided to submit an entertaining YouTube video featuring the achievements of our placements. Analysing the data for the statistics and creating the animated video was great fun! 


On the day of the London event, the nerves started kicking in and the weight of expectation dawned on me. After Rebecca Adlington’s speech, it was the time for the awards announcement. When our category ‘Best Small to Medium-sized Employer’ was announced and Oliver Sidwell (Co-Founder/Director of RMP) started to describe the winning company, I immediately knew we had won and the happiness and celebrations that followed made all my hard work worthwhile! 


With the launch of Prospect 365, my role within the New Business Team is vital for the future success of ProspectSoft. With no previous experience in Sales, I didn’t know what to expect. Working in B2B sales is a challenging environment - it’s been tough work so far but it has been a lot of fun too. In my role, I’ve been given the responsibility of managing my own set of prospective businesses, generating my own sales leads, attending onsite meetings and demonstrating our software solutions to prospective customers. I’ve even managed to play a role in a few big deals along the way which is the best feeling! I look forward to contributing more in my final 5 months.  

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