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On the 1st day of Placement, ProspectSoft gave to me…

By Thomas Green on Wed 20 December 2017

As Christmas approaches, now is a terrific opportunity to express the fantastic learning experience that my time at ProspectSoft has been...

The last 5 months have absolutely flown by. Between the beginning of August and the end of December, I’ve developed skills that will benefit me indefinitely. 


Whilst having to learn 3 versions of ProspectSoft CRM to a level that I can aid and support our 350+ customers, it’also my responsibility to be able to multi task, often managing 3 or 4 different customer problems at any one time. This has proved to be challenging at points, but the organisational and time management skills that I’ve already gained will prove vital in my future career and when returning to University to finish my degree. 


Most of the issues I receive from our customers usually require the assistance of our Service desk, however as my product knowledge continues to improve the percentage of customer issues I resolve myself continues to grow. Successfully solving a customer issue without the aid of a colleague is a real achievement and is most rewarding. As I grow into the role, continuously improving my product knowledge and rapport with customers, Im beginning to look at pro-active ways of helping our client base, mainly in the form of software migrations. Having recently introduced the CRM in a browser to our customers, it’s been greatly rewarding already seeing the positive impact that the software is having in their businesses 


Having been in the role for a month, the opportunity to lead the recruitment for the 2018/2019 Technical applicants arose and I jumped at the chance. My role involves screening, analysing and then reviewing prospective covering letters and CVs from all Technical applicants. Once the test has been received and marked, it’s then my job to either inform the applicant that they unfortunately will not be progressing or to organise a Telephone Interview – I much prefer the latter! 


As well as reviewing applications, I’ve also had the opportunity to visit Reading and my own University, Oxford Brookes, to discuss the ProspectSoft Placement scheme to 2nd year students. These two University visits were most rewarding as I could express the skills and experiences that I had learnt in such a brief period but have served me invaluably when communicating with our vast range of customers.


It’s safe to say that Customer Services and Technical recruitment has been thoroughly rewarding and I cannot wait to get back after our Christmas break to continue the learning curve that has been my placement year at ProspectSoft 

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