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My Placement Experience: Customer Success

By Camilla Walter on Wed 02 May 2018 in Placement Blog


I can’t believe how quickly my placement year has flown by. It’s now getting into Spring, yet it feels as though it was Christmas only last month! Working in a fast-paced industry with a company full of great people make the months go so quickly...

In the Customer Success Team, I’ve had some fantastic opportunities to work with some of our 350+ customers. I’ve had the chance to meet customers to review their system and help them utilise the solution to aid business growth. Not only that, but a fellow placement and I have already been on site with customers to demonstrate ProspectSoft’s newest releases and provide training sessions to users who are new to ProspectSoft’s Web UI platform. Meeting customers in person is a great chance to display how much I’ve learnt over my time with ProspectSoft and opportunities like this have enabled my confidence to grow even more.

As my role requires me to deal with such a range of customer queries, I’ve certainly learnt a lot already! My role is so versatile and varied, and has included supporting 3 different systems, with the chance to sell additional projects. This has given me a better understanding of what it is like to work in a sales-based role as well as in customer service. It’s been constantly challenging, but I’ve truly enjoyed the challenges I’ve faced, and the wide range of knowledge I’ve developed will be invaluable in the future.

Getting this placement at ProspectSoft has helped me gain and build on some great transferable skills. I had no previous technological background before starting in this role, and at first, the prospect of supporting 3 different systems was daunting. But now I feel confident and comfortable handling several customer queries at once, and feel I’ve progressed so much already.

I’ve learnt the importance of organisation too, as within my role I’m expected to be able to multitask at all points in the day. I’ve also found working alongside other members of the Customer Success and Service Desk team to be such a great experience. I’ve learnt so much from the people I’ve met; especially the Service Desk who are always willing to help us understand a technical problem when we need their assistance.

As a company, ProspectSoft is friendly and approachable, always looking for social occasions to have fun and be inclusive. Food, drink and bowling are amongst our favourite activities within my department, and ProspectSoft even have their own football team and games night! Everyone is currently looking forward to going to the big summer event, Henley Regatta, in July with more events in the pipeline.

This placement has truly been the best kind of challenge and has really taught me what I’d like to pursue in the future. I’ve broken down barriers that were stopping me from reaching my potential and I plan on making the most of the last 5 months I have at ProspectSoft.

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