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Time flies...when you're a Technical Support Assistant

By Barbara Gabrys on Mon 18 June 2018 in Placement Blog

It's hard to believe I only have a couple of months left here, because my time as a Technical Support Assistant has flown by so quickly…

During my time at ProspectSoft, I have learned a whole lot more than I expected. The majority of my knowledge is product specific, but I have also gained skills which I can definitely take back to university and into my career. I was quickly able to become a valuable member of the team as I was able to apply my knowledge from university to the job role and adapt my skills to perform as a Customer Success Assistant. I gain great satisfaction when solving problems for our customers and now I can do this with little to no assistance from others. I built my confidence rapidly within the team and the role, allowing me to take on more responsibilities and projects early on.

The workplace atmosphere has generally been welcoming and encouraging, allowing me to feel comfortable learning new things. It was also incredibly nice to work in an environment that was accepting of me as a person, which only added to me feeling comfortable. With this, I found common interests with other employees and started a weekly games' night, further allowing me gain confidence in myself.

Throughout my role as a Customer Success Assistant, I learned many more valuable skills, not just relating to my university course. I improved my telephone etiquette, such as my ability to field questions and improvise on the phone. Additionally, I learned general troubleshooting skills which I've already managed to use outside of the workplace.

This placement has been such an invaluable experience overall, and ProspectSoft was a fantastic fit for me, as I feel appreciated and competent whilst still being challenged on a daily basis with the constantly changing workload in Customer Services. Doing a placement year is a choice I'd recommend to anyone if they can, and ProspectSoft is definitely a company I'd recommend as the place to do it!

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